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Happy Puppies = Happy Homes
Greetings!  Just to let you know that we are really enjoying Benelli, the pup with the orange collar. She is full of energy and loves the dog park. She tries to play with the stuffed rocking horse and at times bites the ear so it Neighs out loud! ie  She is quite mischievous and ate the credit card bill today! Check out the photo! She did abit of reading 
lately! Her puppy school was a blast and she is so agile and! loved the obstacle course, in fact she was the best in the class! Hope everyone is doing great!

We are so pleased with her. She is such a great hunter.... just goes right to it and loves to get the birdies! She trained so well and heels without the leash! John had the best hunt with her in November when he joined a buddy in North Dakota. I am sending a photo of the dogs when they returned! Thanks again! She is such a super hunter! Just what John wanted! 

Thank you,
Stacy and John

We purchased Manning from you in January. Today, he turned 1 year old!

 Thanks for a great dog :)

 Holly & Tommy & Noah Christianson
Happy Mothers' Day ! I’m growing up to be a good puppy. My adoptive family loves me and I’m learning how to behave, but I’m a little bit spoiled. I can't wait to go out camping and fishing! My new family keeps talking about how to keep me from doing a cannonball off the boat!!!! 

Diamond, and the other Halversons

Taking time out from my play to wish you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I'm growing up to be a big girl. I'm still a " diamond in the ruff" but I'm learning and my new family loves me.

  Love, Diamond Noel Halverson

Koho - is doing well. She seems to be taking to the house and the new surroundings pretty well. Very smart puppy.
As you can see - she loves to hang out and sleep on top of and around our boots!!

Thanks again.
By the way, we named the puppy "Bella" and she is wonderful. A bit crazy yet but she is very lovable and you can see the hunter in her. She loves to chase the birds around our yard. She is about 43# now and looks a lot like her mother. (see attached picture.)

Thanks again,
Dawn Matuseski
Hi Angela,
I see that you are expecting a new litter of pups from Shooter.  How exciting!  I just thought I would send you a picture of my 'pup', Tucker (red collar) from your January litter.  He is getting so grown up, but still acts like a pup much of the time!  As of two weeks ago he weighed
Tucker - We took the blue ribbon in basic obedience about a month ago and we start advanced obedience tomorrow. In a couple of weeks we will be taking Tucker along to a pheasant hunt on game farm in Ogilvie. I am hoping that he takes after his mom in his hunting abilities (we haven't done much hunting training yet). I am attaching a few photos for you. Hope you enjoy!  
Best of luck with your new puppies - people will be very lucky to get one of them.  

Melissa McGarry