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Shelby X Bull Dozzer  litter born 2018
Bull Dozer X Firesides Crossfires Shelby litter  should be ready for new homes around Halloween.

Pups come from a long line of hunting goldens. The genetic coefficient of inbreeding will be down to 0.25% while the breed average is 8.64%.  These puppies will have endless abilities and skills to be trained for whatever you are interested in doing. Whether its hunting, hunt tests, agility, obedience, guide dog, therapy dog or companion.   Feel free to contact me regarding information or Ben's contact info.
Pictures below are from Trex and Rigby's last litter. 
Females above.  Males below.

Pups at 10 weeks!!
Crossfires Rigby Mauser
Rigby hunts waterfowl and upland birds.  She has endless drive in the field and tons of birdie instinct.  She is calm and quiet in the house.  Always happy just to be near by.  She is a great mother to her puppies.  Rigby has health clearances for hips, elbows, eyes and genetic testing done.  Rigby's grand sire When "Push" Comes to Shove is the only Golden to achieve a triple championship (field, obedience, and show champion) before the age of 2.  Firesides At Your Bec N' Call "Becky", is the grandmother.  Becky competed in open and amateur field trials. She was an excellent marker and strong on her blinds. She is a fast hard driver with loads of heart and desire.  Rigby also goes back to Bro, Speaker, Topbrass Cotton, Holway Barty, and Windbreakers Razzmatazz (one of the only female goldens to earn a field championship) to name a few.  Rigby's sire line goes back to Old Oaks Highland Hunter who has an upland hunt title.  The grand sire Clyde is a Danish field trial champion and is a Scottish import.  The grandmother, Chilli is a master hunter as well.

Breeding:  Hoping to breed Rigby on her next heat cycle to Mojo.  HR Brokensky Mojo JH has strong hunting instincts.  The COI for puppies would be at 5.42% which is lower than the breed average.  Decreasing the COI helps with decreasing the chances of genetic diseases. 
Bull Dozzer
Pup pics will be uploaded to my facebook page.
 Dozzer is OFA Hip, Elbow, Heart and Thyroid tested with OFA certifications. He is also laboratory and AKC genetic disease tested and OFA certified to pass on good healthy genes to his offspring. Dozzer has 8 OFA certifications to pass onto his puppies. Dozzer has no allergies, no hot spots, no ear infections, no problems with muscle or bone function. He has a soft golden coat, medium length that is easily maintainable and does not mat. 

He has helped raise two great kids that absolutely adore him. Dozzer enjoys helping with daily chores, playing and babysitting my children. Working in the shop, going camping, going to the lake, swimming, going to the rodeo, going on vacations with the family. You name it and Dozzer wants to be there. He gets along great with all other dogs. Dozzer has never shown aggression towards another dog. 

Dozzer is approaching 6 years old in December. As his puppies mature there have been zero complaints on them. They have gone on to be great fowl and field dogs, agility and therapy dogs and mostly great companion/family dogs. There is an album on Dozzer's facebook page with his maturing puppies.