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Health Guarantee/ Warranty -
Updated and extended!!

Health Guarantee/ Warranty

1. General disclaimer
No breeder can state that any given Puppy will be completely free of a genetic defect. Crossfire retriever screens the background of all prospective sires and dames used in the breeding program to reduce the odds of whelping a genetically inferior or defective Puppy. 

2. Transferability of Guarantee
The guarantee is made only with Buyer and is not transferable to any person or entity. 

All of our puppies are warranted to 4 years of age. This allows time for OFA hip, elbow, and eye certifications, which are typically performed at 24 months of age. 
“Crossfire” must be listed as part of your pup's AKC registered name.

If the pup develops a hereditary hip, elbow, or eye as determined by the appropriate veterinarian authorities to be nonfunctional or nonbreedable, the buyer is eligible for a replacement pup or money back when available provided the following conditions are met. Common parasites excluded.

All expenses incurred to obtain the above are the owners responsibility.
OFA or CERF readings must be provided to me for proof of hereditary condition.
To determine a hereditary problem a reading and microchip number must be provided by a certified veterinarian and it must be forwarded to me
The puppy must not be breed or used for breeding before 2yrs old.

**Major trauma (example, car accident) and breeding before the age of 2 immediately voids any Guarantee.
** Guarantee only applies to the original owner.
**Over exercising or strenuous activities and obesity can cause injuries to joints, ligaments and tendons by putting excess stress on them. Any injury that may result from these situations is not guaranteed for a replacement pup.

Crossfire retriever certifies that the dog is in good health on the date of sale. Guarantee DOES NOT COVER PARASITES SUCH AS ROUNDWORM, WHIPWORM, TAPEWORM, COCCI, OR GIARDIA AS THESE ARE TREATABLE, TEMPORARY CONDITIONS. Puppies will be wormed before going home with the new owner.

Updated 7/4/18