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Shooter , my very own first Golden.  I grew up with goldens and raised them
 but those were my brothers dogs. She is the mother to both Rigby and 
Shelby.  Born in 2006 and will be turning 11 this Dec. 2017.  She is the best 
companion I could have ever hoped for.  Her puppies have gone on to be 
therapy dogs, hunting partners, and companions.  Shooter made it out this fall
 (2017) for a day of pheasant hunting.  She still knows how to use that nose! 
 She is a great huntress, extremely birdie, and a very loyal companion.  

Rigby has had 2 litters.  I'm very proud of her and she has proven to be a great 
hunter.  Tons of drive to retrieve waterfowl or upland birds.  You know when 
she catches the sent of a bird by how excited she gets and the wag of her tail.  I 
kept her from an Old Oaks Highland Hunter breeding specifically because 
Hunter's an outcross from most of the golden retrievers in the USA.  This helps 
to prevent much of the line breeding that is seen when digging through 
pedigrees.  I hope to find a few more outcross studs to breed with that have 
proven themselves in one skill or another as I continue my breeding program.  
Rigby's  pups have gone on to competing and hunting homes and as 
companions. You can also view Rigby Crossfire or Crossfire Retrievers FB page 
for updated pictures. Its much easier to make puppy albums on FB.

Shelby is owned by Ben and Kristin Hedtke.  Shooter produced multiple litters with Rippling Run Flodens Teutorix "T-rex".  I have recieved lots of positive feedback from the litters.  I am very happy that Ben chose to keep Shelby.  She is a half sister to Rigby.  Shelby is a family companion with great LOVE for kids.  She is gentle and patient.  When on the farm I can watch her put her hunting instincts to use as she finds the chickens out in the woods.  Floden's Scout of honor is a full brother.  Feel free to contact me for Ben's information as he may have puppies available.

Current Dogs: Rigby and Eagle                              Below: Rigby, mom Shooter, half sister Shelby
Past Dogs:
Was the first golden my parents purchased. Passed away before I had any memories of her.
Running Moonshine (1988-1999) First Golden I grew up raising litters out of. She lived to the rip old age of 13 before being put down do to seizures. To the right, is Dillon, one of Moonshines off spring.
Chasin Moonshine (1995-2007) Out of Moonshine's last litter. Died quietly at home in her sleep. We were not able to keep a puppy from Chase.  Chase is the light golden.  Next to her is Shooter as a puppy